Whispering Pines

Kate, I'm eighteen. I love The Monkees,The Band,Cheers, Frasier, Al Pacino,Saturday Night Live,Supernatural, Pink Floyd,The Rolling Stones,The Beach Boys,Sherlock BBC,The Beatles,The Who,Monty Python,NRBQ,The Blues Brothers, Led Zeppelin,Queen,The Kinks,The Zombies, and a lot of retro stuff. To sum up, I just love having fun. Brian Wilson,Syd Barrett,Charlie Watts,Dan Aykroyd, and Micky Dolenz are my lovers. Also I am very fond of McLennon.


he’s so beautiful 


#RIP Don Pardo


Robbie makes a rare guest appearance with Bob in ‘75 during the Rolling Thunder Revue.

I’ve had the best time blogging with all of you tonight! It’s been incredible. Sadly I have to go to bed, I’ll try to be on as much as I can darlings!! Good night and love to all <3




Roger hugs anyone?????