Whispering Pines

Kate, I'm eighteen. I love the Monkees,The Band, Al Pacino,Saturday Night Live,Supernatural, Pink Floyd,The Rolling Stones,The Beach Boys,Sherlock BBC,The Beatles,The Who,Monty Python,NRBQ,The Blues Brothers, Led Zeppelin,Queen,The Kinks, and a lot of retro stuff. To sum up, I just love having fun. Brian Wilson,Syd Barrett,Charlie Watts,Dan Aykroyd, and Micky Dolenz are my lovers. Also I am very fond of McLennon.


The Band, (L-R) Garth Hudson, Robbie Robertson, Rick Danko, Richard Manuel, Levon Helm, pose for a portrait on the beach in 1971.

Photography © Michael Ochs


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Just finished watching Carny. Robbie is such eye candy.

Seriously, Robbie should have been in more films just for the hotness factor alone. Ah, there’s always “dream casting.”


the whole band 


Garth Hudson