Biding My Time

Kate, I'm eighteen, I love the Monkees,Al Pacino,Supernatural, Pink Floyd,The Rolling Stones,The Beach Boys,Sherlock BBC,The Beatles,The Who,Monty Python, Led Zeppelin,Queen,and a lot of retro stuff. To sum up, I just love having fun. Brian Wilson,Syd Barrett,Charlie Watts,and Micky Dolenz are my lovers. Also I am very fond of McLennon.


That awkward moment when you accidentally try to seduce your ex-wife.


Rolling Stones filmography

The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus (1968)


Pink Floyd - The Final Cut


thick-as-another-brick said: Oh, I’m glad to read that! I hope school goes right for you! :)

Aww thank you very much dear that really means a lot to me!!! I think it will for sure!! :D

got-to-rise-above said: Glad to hear you are nailin your school work…study hard and then play hard :)

Thank you so so much I appreciate that more than I can say. Yes exactly, that’s the way to go! :D

Hello darlings I do apologize for the incredibly long absence. I’ve been having to do a lot of school work lately and if you wonder why I’m barely ever here, that’s the reason. I can say that this week and further on will be a lot more calm and not so hectic. I love you guys and thank you very much for being patient. You all are the best followers I could ever have the pleasure of being with. Also I hope everyone had a fantastic day!